Quantum Supremacy is Underway: Why You Should Care?

Quantum computing! Is it still an enigma to the world?

Ever heard of advanced math machines? These can also be called the quantum computer. Quantum computers can solve complex problems much faster than a conventional computer. Now quantum computing runs on the theory of quantum mechanics, which not only allows a particle to exist simultaneously in two states at the same time known as superposition but also allows two particles to instantaneously influence each other despite the distance, called as entanglement.

Though Albert Einstein described this theory as spooky, it is already taking quantum computing to the next level.

Tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, and Google have started harnessing the quantum world.  Multiple researchers are working on newer quantum algorithms and applications to seek the true potential of quantum computers.

Google in October 2019 claimed to have achieved Quantum Supremacy.

Quantum Supremacy: What is it all About?

What does reaching quantum supremacy even mean?

This simply means quantum computers have reached a level where they can now be controlled and used. From modeling large amounts of data to breaking the encryption of anything in seconds – this can all be controlled via quantum computing.

Reaching quantum supremacy will be remarkable for science and technology, but this will take quite a while to change the world.

Source: Google AI Blog

Quantum supremacy allows computers to complete or perform calculations at a certain speed that is highly inconceivable with today’s traditional computer. It is also said that one day the quantum machine will possess a capability and advance in areas like AI to build even the most powerful supercomputers that will ideally look like toys. The device developed by Google is said to have performed a mathematical calculation within 3 minutes and 20 seconds which could still be impossible for a traditional computer to do it even in 10,000 years, as published in the science journal Nature.

Why Quantum Supremacy is Needed?

Quantum supremacy is a fundamental breakthrough in the field of computation. Thus, harnessing quantum systems offers great potential in the markets.

For instance, quantum computers offer a great advantage in simulating quantum systems.

Simulation of quantum systems gives us the advantage of studying and discovering remarkable details like how to design new drugs and medicines, interactions between atoms and molecules, and how superconductors can work at room temperatures.

Do you have any idea how quantum computers work?

Like mentioned earlier, it tends to harness the phenomena of quantum mechanics. Ideally, a classical computer uses a binary format i.e. one or zero (bits) to process information. However, it is not the same case with quantum computers. They use logical units called qubits, which can be placed in a quantum state – representing both zero and one simultaneously.

quantum computing working model
Source: thecustomizewindows

Now the bits in a classical computer operate independently, whereas in a quantum computer one qubit can affect the status of other qubits in a system in order to achieve a single solution. Not to mention, why quantum computers are different from the classical computer.

Quantum Computers for our Everyday Lives

Ultimately companies are still racing to commercialize quantum computers. The first demonstration given by Google in October 2019 was strictly a proof of concept. A computer having 53 qubits (the basic unit of computation) performed a mathematical calculation in slightly a little beyond 3 minutes, which according to the tech giant would have taken 10,000 years for a supercomputer to solve.

Researchers are still seeking answers about how quantum computing will completely transform the future. Until we find all the answers, let us see how quantum computers can be put to good use in our daily lives.

  • Development of new drugs
  • Massive boost to artificial intelligence
  • Optimizing the flow of traffic for better commute services
  • Boost cybersecurity
  • Improve weather forecasts and detect climate change
  • Conservation of energy
  • Financial modeling
  • Improve batteries
  • Solar capture
  • Cleaner fertilization
  • Discovery of electronic materials


The Tractica market report predicts that the computing market is bound to grow strongly within the next decade.

Quantum computing is now going beyond what a classical computer can solve. We already know how companies are taking full advantage of leveraging quantum computers, yet it is still early to say, whether quantum computing will be the next revolution.

Nonetheless, it is already paving a way into the new era. For example, a company called Menten AI has started finding ways to discover new drugs that are sitting between large biologics and small molecules, besides finding a cure for COVID-19.

Also, Amazon has started providing access to the technology along with a collaborative environment between the academia and the industry.

Besides Google and IBM, the other major players in quantum computing include names like Honeywell, D-Wave, MIT, Volkswagen Group, JPMorgan Chase, and Microsoft.

Will quantum computing be a bubble or not a bubble?

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