Most of us are aware about black hole, what does it mean and what exactly it does and most recently scientists have revealed the first ever image of a black hole. But have you ever though is there any other type of ‘hole’ like black hole. Exactly, Black hole is not the only type of ‘hole’ out there in space. Apart from black hole there is one more fascinating phenomenon in the universe which astonish us that is white hole.

Now you must be wondering what is white hole. Well Today, we’re going to talk about white holes. Before we talk about white holes, let’s try to understand concept of black holes.

Black hole is a cosmic body in space where the gravitational effect is extremely intense that  even matter and light can’t escape from it.

Black holes are created when stars, which are more massive than our Sun, die catastrophically in a supernova. Black holes were firstly predicted by Albert Einstein with his theory of general relativity.

Then what’s a white hole?

White holes are the theoretical opposite of black holes in a very literal mathematical scene. White holes are essentially time-reversed black holes.

A black hole is a region of inward flowing space time with a one way boundary called event horizon from inside of which nothing can never escape.

A white hole is a region of outward flowing  space time and also has a event horizon but that horizon prohibit anything from entry and everything inside must be ejected.

You can’t escape a black hole. You can’t go into a white hole. So, where a black hole is sucking matter in, a white hole is spewing it out. They would be incredibly bright and incredibly energetic, hurling radiation into space at a furious rate.

For Example, if you were to approach a white hole in a spacecraft, you would be inundated by a colossal amount of energy, which would most likely destroy your ship. Even if your spaceship could withstand that energy, light itself would start slowing you down like air resistance slowing down a moving vehicle on Earth.

Most black holes are formed when stars collapse in a supernova explosion. However, it has been suggested that black holes end their lives by transforming into white holes— which explosively pour out the information that had been swallowed by the black hole.

According to the Schwarzschild geometry it has been speculated that there is a white hole at the other end of a black, the matter that have been swallowed by the black hole are ejected by the white hole into an alternative universe and these two entirely different universes connected at their event horizons by a wormhole.

Of course, there is no hard evidence proving that white holes exist, but maybe in our vast complicated universe, where only 5% of the universe is visible and rest is yet untouched and unexplored there’s space even for them.

Because according to the laws of general relativity – If eternal black holes exist in the universe, then a white hole should also exist.